Stormfall: Age of War

The lands of Darkshine are in turmoil, as rival Lords battle over the remnants of the once-great Empire of Stormfall. The commoners cry out for a hero - one who will unite the empire and deliver them from the rising tide of an ancient evil.

By the will of Lord Oberon, you have been chosen to fortify and expand your Castle, discover the mysteries of the Lost Arts, and build an army unrivalled since the days of old. You must master strategy, diplomacy, logistics and warfare as you forge alliances, join forces with great Leagues, and defeat your rivals.


Strategy will be the key to your victory in the fight for Stormfall. Join one of the Great Leagues of Stormfall or create and develop your own to join forces in battles for Beacons and Settlements.

Plan your strategy carefully and cooperate with other Lords in your League in order to smash the Hordes of Balur, defeat rival Leagues, and earn Individual and League Achievements and powerful special attributes.

You may also make special Alliances with other Lords to help each other with Resources, Scrolls, or Reinforcements in times of need. Brute force, diplomacy, cooperation, or treachery - there are many ways to the throne of Stormfall…


As a noble Lord of Stormfall, you will have to develop your Castle into a powerful stronghold for you and your people. You will be called upon to defend it from constant enemy attacks, and must use its strength to exert influence over your rivals. Your Castle will be the source of your wealth and resources, the heart of your army, and the center of your growing domain. How you choose to upgrade, develop, and customize your Castle is up to you - but know that your choices will determine your chances of success upon the battlefield.


In the glory days of Stormfall, the scribes and mages mastered many secrets now lost to us. Mastering these Lost Arts will give you an edge over your opponents by allowing you to construct new buildings, train new Units, and wield mythical beasts and fearsome engines of war against your enemies. You will need to collect ancient Scrolls to piece together each Lost Art. Each day you play the game your Scribe will decipher one Scroll, but you may also trade Scrolls with other Lords at your Market and your House of Scrolls. Remember that most Lost Arts can be upgraded to increase the performance of their respective Units and buildings.


You must learn to carefully manage three main Resources (Iron, Gold, and Food) if you wish to be victorious. As you begin your journey your Castle will require Farms, Townhouses, and Mines to supply your war effort. Trading with other Lords at the market for needed Resources will be essential, as the number of Resource fields in each Castle is different.

Remember to improve your Resource production by upgrading your Resource buildings and building the Dungeons and the Forge. All your collected Gold and Iron will be stored in your Warehouses - so do not forget to upgrade them to accommodate your production. Maintaining your troops will require a steady supply of Food from your Farms. Build Barns to stockpile Food in times of scarcity, and the Spring of Life to increase the production rate of your Farms.

A cunning Lord will not depend solely on his own production, but will venture through his Castle gates to raid and lay siege to rival Castles to supplement his needs. You may also choose to employ Diplomacy to barter for Resources with your Friends and Allies.